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10 Signs You’re Secretly a Nerd

I don’t realize how to program. I just know three digits of pi. I don’t play computer games (what is League of Legends at any rate?) and I’m, best case scenario fair at math. In any case, I’m undoubtedly a geek. Here are ten surefire indications of nerdom from an eccentric geek: 1. You like books more than you like peopleHow can your companions anticipate that you should hang out when you are really busy perusing a Murakami tale? All joking aside, however, books are presumably your most hallowed belongings. Loaning a book to a companion is a definitive indication of trust. You bite the dust a little within when the book is come back with a wrinkle on the spread. 2. You rejoice in light of addressing everythingWhat is magnificence? What is life? On the off chance that the universe is everlastingly extending, what is it venturing into? You could discuss any of these subjects for quite a long time without getting even remotely exhausted. 3. Science jokes are perpetually entertaining to you ...also, you won’t apologize for making awful ones, in light of the fact that, let’s face it, the entirety of the great ones Argon. 4. You’re exceptionally specific about the TV shows you watch...and you improperly force your top picks upon others. You’ve never observed Orphan Black? Who right? On a side note, unscripted television is the most noticeably awful. With the exception of perhaps Survivor. Alright, Survivor’s certainly great. What's more, perhaps even The Bachelor. 5. You subtly love perusing your World History textbookAnd viewing those CrashCourse YouTube recordings. There’s such a long way to go! The Mongols, the French Revolution, King Henry VII shenanigansâ€the conceivable outcomes are unending. 6. The smell of book shops is allegorically (not actually) heavenPaper + espresso = ten thousand yeses. You would live in Barnes and Nobles on the off chance that it were conceivable. That is to say, who can oppose superb aromas and perpetual racks of books? 7. You generally Google the verses to songsHow would anyone be able to stand not knowing? Great verses are actually (indeed, truly) what your ears were longing to hear. You need to continually remind others that you tune in to non mainstream music not on the grounds that you’re a trendy person, but since the verses are simply much better those of popular music. 8. You discover SAT vocab questions very entertainingYou even downloaded the SAT question of the day application so you could enjoy a little consistently. You invest heavily in knowing the distinction among â€Å"invoke† and â€Å"evoke.† 9. Off base language structure use infuriates you...especially when it’s of the â€Å"I†/†me† sort. Hearing â€Å"me and Tony went to the recreation center yesterday† (or far more atrocious, â€Å"a frenzied pooch bit Tony and I at the park†) resembles nails on writing slate. You for the most part stifle your redresses, yet once in a while you just can’t stand up to. 10. You love capricious games and rationale puzzlesSettlers of Catan and Munchkin are your jam. The more extended the guidance manual, the better. You still don’t comprehend why you’re consistently the one playing excitedly while the remainder of your companions are nodding off.

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Impact of Media on Socio-Cultural Values and Social Institution in Indian Society

The media, known as the fourth mainstay of majority rules system, hugy affects the general public. The impacts are obviously, positive just as negative. Media is such a useful asset, that it truly administers the course of our general public today. It is the propeller just as the bearing supplier of the general public. Assessments can change for the time being and big names can get scandalous with only one wave by the media. The development of media as an industry has quickened in the course of recent years with new structures, for example, DVD and the web changing the way we, the crowd, expend and get media.In a reliant and globalized political world, the test of the media is to give broad inclusion of worldwide governmental issues and to look at the effect of these impacts in explicit national settings. The broad communications has a job to impact socio-political and social settings. Quantities of analysts have been leading examinations worldwide to explore what they may add to a c omprehension of the financial and different components that impact broad communications, and how the media thus impact the political atmosphere and the equitable procedure in current democracies.Mass media is viewed as one of the primary specialists for cultural turn of events, majority rules system and great administration. Media pundits guarantee that now and again broad communications has not assumed the job that it ought to have played and have played in the hands of hardly any personal stakes. The analysts have additionally called attention to that broad communications impact shift from nation to nation contingent on socio-political and social settings. There are a wide range of speculations about how broad communications impact individuals' perspectives, perspective, and behavior.The broad communications is viewed as the foundation of vote based system that impacts sociopolitical advancements. Nonetheless, there is a developing worry that the broad communications in numerous n ations isn't satisfying these capacities appropriately because of intrinsic socio-social obstructions. Nowadays, there are as of now various kinds of Mass Media. This incorporates Audio recording and propagation (records, tapes, tapes, cartridges, CDs), Broadcasting Media (Radio, Television, Cable) Film (Cinema, DVDs), Digital Media (the Internet, Mobile Phones, Satellite), Publishing or the Print Media (Books, Newspapers, Magazines) and Video games.Today we will talk about five sorts of media. They are as per the following: 1. Papers 2. Magazines 3. Business catalog 4. Radio 5. TV 6. Web Out of these, Newspapers, TV, Radio are customary methods of broad communications while Magazines, Yellow pages and Internet are current methods of broad communications. Clarification of the various kinds of media with the preferences and disservices: Newspapers: Newspapers are one of the customary mediums utilized by organizations, both of all shapes and sizes the same, to publicize their business es.Advantages Disadvantages †¢ Allows you to arrive at an immense number of individuals in a given geographic region †¢ You have the adaptability in choosing the promotion size and arrangement inside the paper †¢ Your advertisement can be as extensive as important to impart as a very remarkable story as you want to advise †¢ Exposure to your promotion isn't restricted; perusers can return to your message over and over if so wanted. †¢ Free assistance in making and delivering promotion duplicate is normally accessible †¢ Quick pivot enables your advertisement to mirror the changing business sector conditions.The advertisement you choose to run today can be in your clients' hands in one to two days. †¢ Ad space can be costly †¢ Your promotion needs to contend with the messiness of different sponsors, including the monsters advertisements run by grocery stores and retail establishments just as the promotions of your rivals †¢ Poor photograph proliferation limits inventiveness †¢ Newspapers are a cost arranged medium; most advertisements are for deals †¢ Expect your promotion to have a short time span of usability, as papers are generally perused once and afterward disposed of. You might be paying to send your message to many individuals who will most likely never be in the market to purchase from you. †¢ Newspapers are a profoundly noticeable medium, so your rivals can rapidly respond to your costs †¢ With the expanding notoriety of the Internet, papers face declining readership and market infiltration. A developing number of perusers presently avoid the print rendition of the paper (and subsequently the print promotions) and rather read the online adaptation of the distribution. Magazines:Magazines are a progressively engaged, yet increasingly costly, option in contrast to paper publicizing. This medium permits you to contact exceptionally focused on crowds. Focal points Disadvantages †¢ Allow s for better focusing of crowd, as you can pick magazine distributions that take into account your particular crowd or whose article content has practical experience in subjects important to your crowd. †¢ High peruser contribution implies that more consideration will be paid to your commercial †¢ Better quality paper allows better shading generation and full-shading promotions †¢ The littler page (for the most part 8 ? y 11 inches) allows even little advertisements to stand apart †¢ Long lead times imply that you need to make arrangements weeks or months ahead of time †¢ The more slow lead time uplifts the danger of your promotion getting surpassed by occasions †¢ There is restricted adaptability as far as advertisement position and configuration. †¢ Space and advertisement format costs are higher Yellow Pages: There are a few types of Yellow Pages that you can use to advance and promote your business.Aside from the conventional Yellow Pages provi ded by telephone organizations, you can likewise look at particular catalogs focused to explicit markets (e. g. Hispanic Yellow Pages, Blacks, and so on ); intuitive or shopper search databases; Audiotex or talking business index; Internet registries containing national, nearby and provincial postings; and different administrations delegated Yellow Pages. Points of interest Disadvantages †¢ Wide accessibility, as generally everybody utilizes the Yellow Pages †¢ Non-nosy Action-arranged, as the crowd is really searching for the promotions †¢ Ads are sensibly cheap †¢ Responses are effortlessly followed and estimated †¢ Frequency †¢ Pages can look jumbled, and your advertisement can without much of a stretch become mixed up in the messiness †¢ Your advertisement is set along with every one of your rivals †¢ Limited innovativeness in the advertisements, given the need to follow a pre-decided organization †¢ Ads delayed to reflect showcase ch anges Radio: Offers a wide scope of exposure prospects. It is a versatile medium fit to a portable people.It arrives at the room and breakfast table in the first part of the day and rides to and from work in the vehicle, hushes us to rest around evening time and comes to the sea shore, to the forested areas and on angling trips, an adaptability no other medium can coordinate. Points of interest Disadvantages †¢ Radio is an all inclusive medium appreciated by individuals one after another or another during the day, at home, busy working, and even in the vehicle. †¢ The immense range of radio program positions offers to proficiently focus on your promoting dollars to barely characterized portions of customers well on the way to react to your offer. Gives your business character through the formation of battles utilizing sounds and voices †¢ Free innovative assistance is frequently accessible †¢ Rates can for the most part be arranged †¢ During the previous ten years, radio rates have seen less expansion than those for other media †¢ Because radio audience members are spread over numerous stations, you may need to promote at the same time on a few stations to arrive at your intended interest group †¢ Listeners can't return to your advertisements to go over significant focuses †¢ Ads are a break in the entertainment.Because of this, a radio promotion may require various exposures to get through the audience's â€Å"tune-out† factor and guarantee message maintenance †¢ Radio is a foundation medium. Most audience members are accomplishing something different while tuning in, which implies that your promotion needs to make a solid effort to stand out enough to be noticed. TV: A medium that allows the utilization of the printed world, verbally expressed word, pictures moving, shading, music, liveliness and audio cues all mix into one message, has immense potency.Television has become a prevailing power, the essential wellspring of news and amusement and an amazing soapbox from which residents fights can be conveyed to the country and the world. This medium has significantly changed national political races and has decreased the job of the ideological groups. Occasions made huge by TV shape popular assessment around the world. Points of interest Disadvantages Television licenses you to arrive at enormous quantities of individuals on a national or local level in a brief timeframe †¢ Independent stations and link offer new chances to pinpoint neighborhood crowds †¢ Television being a picture building and visual medium, it offers the capacity to pass on your message with sight, sound and movement †¢ Message is impermanent, and may require different introduction for the advertisement to transcend the messiness †¢ Ads on organize associates are moved in nearby news communicates and station breaks †¢ Preferred promotion times are frequently sold out far ahead of time Limited l ength of presentation, as most advertisements are just thirty seconds in length or less, which restricts the measure of data you can convey †¢ Relatively costly as far as inventive, creation and broadcast appointment costs Internet: The Internet or the World Wide Web is to be sure a magnificent and astounding expansion in our lives. The Internet can be known as a sort of worldwide gathering place where individuals from all pieces of the world can meet up. It is a help accessible on the PC, through which all things everywhere is currently at the fingertips of any individual who approaches the Internet. Points of interest Disadvantages E-mail: E-mail is an online correspondence framework. With email you can send and get moment electronic messages, which work like composing letters. Your messages are conveyed in a split second to individuals anyplace on the planet, dissimilar to conventional mail that takes a great deal of time. †¢Access Infor

Barbados Revolt 1816 Essay

There were 2 fundamental pioneers of the Barbados Revolt of 1816, they were Bussa who was a liberated individual in Africa and was brought to the Caribbean in the transoceanic slave exchange which was without a doubt damaging. the other pioneer was Nanny Grigg. Causes The reasons for the 1816 revolt in Barbados are: 1. The British Slave Trade was nullified in 1807 and the slaves confused it with liberation. There was a vault or enlistment bill or likewise called the enrollment of slaves {1812-1815} in which grower or proprietors needed to enlist their slaves, this was passed in order to stop unnecessary discipline just as the illicit offer of slaves. The grower were irritated over the death of this bill and considered it to be impedance in their local issues. The slaves misconstrued this as being irate about an arrangement for their liberation. 2. A free shaded man called Washington Franklin read paper reports of the abolitionist subjection discusses. 3. Unforgiving treatment exacted by white society-want for lasting opportunity and vengeance. 4. A few slaves who were proficient, for example, Nanny Grigg, approached neighborhood and English papers from which they found out about what was occurring in England Haiti and somewhere else. 5. A capable pioneer developed among the slave that is Bussa, an African conceived slave. 6. This revolt was for the most part energized by the planters’ refusal to acknowledge the Slave Registration Bill, the way that the slaves felt their Emancipation was being retained from them and the thoughts of opportunity and equity being developed in the brains of the slaves’ mind by non-conventionalists Missionaries. 7. The slaves accepted liberation had been in all actuality, confusing it with the Registration Bill (which expressed that all slaves must be represented, so no carrying went on) and revolted. *Slaves in Barbados delighted in some proportion of opportunity; this proportion of opportunity helped them to sort out the revolt. Impacts/Results 1. The evangelists were kicked out of Barbados †This assistance to turn the British popular assessment against the grower and made individuals in Britain progressively great for liberation †Humanitarians were urge expanding their movement to cut down subjection 2. Grower got frightful 3. A few hundred slaves were executed Bussa Bussa, (likewise recorded as Bussa, or Busso or Bussoe) was conceived in Africa however caught and brought to Barbados to fill in as a slave on Bayleys Plantation in the southern ward of St Philip. (Today, the plantation’s ‘Great House’ is as yet standing and become the home and recording studio of universal performer Eddy Grant) His introduction to the world date stays obscure, anyway it is imagined that he showed up in Barbados as a grown-up. On the ranch Bussa filled in as a residential slave, a head-officer at Bayleys and didn't encounter the extraordinary hardships that the field slaves persevered. Local slaves commonly viewed themselves as over the field slaves and some even uncovered plans of slave uprisings to their ‘masters’ so as to pick up favor. Bussa in any case, regardless of his ‘privileged’ position, assisted with making arrangements for months ahead of time. The slaves uprisings were conceived out of a powerful urge to oust the severe white plantocracy and guarantee their opportunity. It is said that plans for the disobedience started after the House of Assembly’s dismissal of the Imperial Registry Bill in November 1815. The evening of Good Friday, April 12, 1816, the last arrangements were made for the resistance. At this gathering, it was concluded that a mulatto slave Washington Francklyn was planned to turn into the Governor of the island. The evening of Good Friday, April 12, 1816, the last arrangements were made for the resistance. At this exceptional gathering, it was concluded that a mulatto slave Washington Francklyn should turn into the Governor of the island. On the morning of Sunday April 14, 1816 Bussa drove around 400 slaves Several stick fields were set burning and from Bayley’s Plantation in St Philip the insurgence immediately spread to Christ Church, St George, St Thomas, St Lucy and St Thomas. The white manor proprietors were completely found napping. The slaves battled valiantly against the soldiers of the First West India regiment and it was accounted for The disobedience spread from estate to ranch until about portion of the island was up to speed in the rebellion. It took four days for the specialists to recapture control. Bussa was murdered in fight, and the instigators were executed. Despite the fact that the insubordination at last fizzled, it was rarely overlooked. In 1985 over a century later, the Emancipation Statue was raised at the indirect in Haggatt Hall, St Michael. In 1999, Bussa was named as one of the national legends of Barbados. what's more, there is likewise a national occasion ‘Emancipation Day’, which praises the liberation of the slaves.

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Lifetime Parental Support Love For Life [Another WR122 Paper]-RJ Love

Lifetime Parental Support Love for Life [Another WR122 paper]-RJ Love forever Raised with severe family esteems, I recoil to phrases like, I can hardly wait to get my kids out of the house, or When my youngsters arrive at 18, they are all alone. I become stunned to find that age characterizes the discharge date in which kids are not, at this point bolstered by guardians. Kids are the posterity to which guardians bring forth throughout everyday life. Notwithstanding the age, an individual will consistently be a youngster to one's mom or father and ought to get support until, and past, the period of being discharged into the world. Backing is the help given on earth. So as to live joyfully in this world, one must be bolstered or bolster themselves with food, a house, money, security, endorsement, acknowledgment, and love. These, which are all controlled by Abraham H. Maslow, a very much regarded clinician, are the progression of necessities. These are needs that everybody ought to be a ble to get. Lamentably, the truly necessary help from numerous guardians are being cut off too soon. As an understudy entering adulthood, I witness numerous friends confronting exceptionally upsetting occasions of their lives. During this a great time, various companions have been discharged from parental help, wanted to have been given to them until singular security was found. Rather, numerous friends have gotten themselves frantically all alone. This early discharge from parental help comes at a critical time to many, on the grounds that it upsets the need to set themselves up totally for society. To an excessive number of my kindred understudies, instruction and backing is supplanted by monetary and enthusiastic weights. The heaviness of the numerous hardships that show up, limits a reliable discernment mind, important for instruction and self-improvement. A kid must have full help from the guardians to pick up information and security on the planet. Youthful separation of paren tal help, will bring about the aggravation to gain individual potential. Guardians should consider the necessities of the youngsters and keep on supporting them through the numerous lengths and levels all through life. We live in an intricate society where love, care, counsel, and help are of precious worth. Since living is tied in with learning, guardians ought to be accessible to their youngsters for understanding life's dynamic prospects. Guardians helping their youngsters gain from their past encounters will help them to turn out to be progressively learned of the world and what's in store from it. The less guardians show offspring of past experiences, the more their youngsters will in general recurrent life's slip-ups. Backing ought to fluctuate as indicated by how much the youngster needs so as to help oneself. In spite of the fact that food, house, money, and security needs are met by the kid, a parent should keep on opening up to love and acknowledgment. Ought to in one day every single material thing vanish, the most significant need expected to stay secure, is love and acknowledgment. Child rearing is giving adoration and backing without a lapse date. The parent-youngster relationship is a huge component of human instinct. The relationship is dedication that a youngster gets from the parent and offers back to their own mom or father. In the event that a kid gets a lot of warmth from the guardians, the kid will in general give this affection back, in the not too distant future of life. From being sustained as a newborn child to help of a parent of mature age, if a youngster was raised affectionately and obligingly, all things considered, when the guardians arrive at an older stage, they will likewise be dealt with, affectionately and steadily. Like the truism, What comes around, goes around, life will in general perform karma from multiple points of view all through life. Genuine love and bolster will remove the concerns that many face. Genuine love a nd backing replaces the requirement for outrageous individual duty. Duty is the thing that numerous guardians consider when wrongly releasing youngsters too soon into society. What guardians accept as laying duty upon their kid, really transforms into vulnerability, weakness, absence of certainty, and feeling of dismissal. These encounters debilitate fixation required to concentrate on training and self-improvement. For some situation these encounters of vulnerability, frailty, and so on., create

Costs and Benefits of Globalization and Localization Essay -- Globaliza

For one to comprehend the expenses and advantages of globalization and limitation one first needs to comprehend what every involve. Globalization is the point at which a nation includes itself into universal issues, financially, strategically or even potentially socially. Globalization extends past the neighborhood limits of a country and spreads into different networks all through the world. Restriction is the point at which a nation decides not to take an interest in worldwide undertakings and limits itself and its kin from partaking in an association with some other nation. This implies this nation doesn't take an interest in any monetary, political or culture issues with pariahs. In numerous articles tending to business today, one can find out about the perspectives toward globalization. Many feel just as globalization is the best procedure a business should seek after. This procedure of globalization offers a manner by which nations can get engaged with a country for basic interests. By utilizing the globalization procedure, a nation can learn better approaches for innovation. For instance, the United States could include itself with a nation that for the most part relies upon cultivating for their monetary soundness and gains from them their improved strategies that our ranchers could apply to cause their harvests to develop better. Thusly the U.S. could set up an, exchange with this agrarian nation. Conceivably, the U.S. could show this nation on the most proficient method to make their economy more grounded by getting engaged with the worldwide organized commerce markets were they could make fantastic benefits on their produce. Along these lines the Unite d States and the rural nation would both acquire a lot from this worldwide association. This leads into another favorable position for globalization, exchange. A few nations have immers... ... The economy is allowed to reinforce through exchange and partners can be made with worldwide association. Likewise significant is the way of life and conventions that can be spread all through the world when there is correspondence. Confinement likewise focuses on culture yet it is just one culture that is being watched. Patriotism is significant for a nation and gives its kin pride yet there shouldn't be withdrawal from the remainder of the world. For the economy, there is a superior possibility for employments and offices to be begun inside a nation that has a worldwide economy blasting. All things considered I accept the advantages for globalization out path those of limitation however it is significant that a nation engages in globalization yet in addition remembers restriction for certain ways too. Work Cited Rosenau , James. The Complexities and Contradictions of Globalization

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Keeping Women Sane - Literature Essay Samples

Reading â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is like being drawn into the imaginary world of someone who is slowly leaving reality behind them. The short story is written as a kind of journal of the narrator as she becomes more and more detached from her family and her life. The reader sees only the narrator’s perspective, but her jumbled and paranoid thoughts are enough to make it clear that her viewpoint is far out of touch with the truth.A main theme of Gilman’s work seems to be that the role traditionally available to females is not fulfilling enough to keep a relatively normal woman sane. As evidenced by the outlook of the central male character in the story, the narrator’s husband John, a female is a sort of delicate adornment for the home not a living, breathing person with dreams, struggles, and needs. The more the narrator conforms to this belief, the more she loses her grip on reality.From page one, Gilman’s narrator offers examples of her hus bands belittling attitude. She writes, â€Å"John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that.† While certainly any loving, happy marriage will be filled with laughter, this is not friendly camaraderie: this is the kind of condescending laughter that says, â€Å"You are only a woman.† John treats the narrator like a child, even directly addressing her as â€Å"little girl† on several occasions. When discussing her illness, rather than supporting his wife through her difficulties, John â€Å"assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with [her] but temporary nervous depression – a slight hysterical tendency.† John seems to view her as dimension-less, consisting only of a physical body. She writes, â€Å"John does not know how much I really suffer. He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him.† Her husband is confident that there is nothing medically wrong with her, and therefore ignores her deep emotional pain.One of the most visible ways John treats the narrator as a emotionless possession, rather than as an equal, is by forbidding her to write. John would rather â€Å"put fireworks in [her] pillowcase† than allow her too much stimulation in her condition. However, it is clear that this rule does the narrator more harm than good. At this point, she still views herself as more than an object. She ignores Johns rule, and he inadvertently causes her to exhaust herself further because now must work twice as hard to be sure she keeps her pastime hidden. She writes, â€Å"It does exhaust me a good deal – having to be so sly about it, or else meet with heavy opposition.† This prescription against writing negatively affects the narrator in another important way. She interrupts a train of thoughts about the wallpaper with, â€Å"There comes John, and I must put this away – he hates to have me write a word.† In a way, John is responsi ble for the thoughts that lead her deeper and deeper into lunacy. Perhaps if she were only able to sit and peacefully write about the wallpaper without interruption and fear, she would be able to better comprehend her feelings and avoid her spiral into insanity.In a very telling statement, the narrator writes, â€Å"I have a scheduled prescription for each hour in the day; [John] takes all care from me, and so I feel basely ungrateful not to value it more.† It is important to notice that she does not write that John â€Å"takes care of everything for me† or that John â€Å"handles everything for me.† She says rather that â€Å"he takes all care from me.† The implication is that she is not freely offering something to him; he takes â€Å"all care† (control) completely out of his wife’s hands and schedules an activity for her for each hour of the day. While John likely feels he is doing this because he loves her – for her own good he is still forcing her to conform to his worldview and think of herself as under him. As the narrator’s illness worsens, John requires less and less of her: â€Å"Jennie sees to everything now.† Like the creeping woman in the wallpaper, the narrator is trying to escape from the world John has created for her. She is, essentially, bored to the point of having a complete breakdown. As she becomes what John wants – less a person and more an adornment – she drifts further and further into her delusions. However, in a way, her delusions are empowering, ultimately giving her the strength to stand up to John. She even refers to him as â€Å"young man,† returning his belittling address from earlier in the story.

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Chemical removal of lead - 5500 Words

Chemical removal of lead (Research Paper Sample) Content: Griffith School of Engineering 7404ENG Advanced Water Wastewater Engg. Assignment à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" *****   Remediation Methods for Lead Course Convener: **** Submitted By - ****** Table of Contents 1 Remediation Methods for Lead2 1.1 Introduction2 1.2 Sources of Lead3 1.3 Environmental and Health impacts of Lead3 2.0 Removal of Lead from water4 2.1 Conventional Methods of Lead removal4 2.1.1 Ion-Exchange for Lead Removal 2.1.2 Reverse Osmosis 2.1.3 Distillation 2.1.4 Electro Coagulation/ flocculation 2.1.5 Filtration 2.1.6 Use of Iron ions and Precipitation by sulphates /phosphates 2.2 Advanced Studies and Research Methods of Lead Removal 2.2.1 Ammonium Pyrrolidine Dithio Carbamate (APDC) on Symphoricarpus albus  biomass for lead(II) removal 2.2.2 Faujasite Tuff for removing lead 2.2.3 Use of Tridax Procumbens for Removal of Lead 2.2.3 Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Lead removal (ELM) 2.2.4 Lead Removal using Brevundimonas Vesicularis 2.2.5 Use of Copper (II) Polymethacrylate resulting from Gamma Radiation for Lead Removal 2.2.6 Formation of Zeolite from oil shale for Pb Removal 2.2.7 Aluminum Industrial Waste (RED MUD) for removal of Lead 2.2.8 Removal of lead using particulate Slag Columns 2.2.9 Use of Crop Milling Waste for Lead Removal 2.2.10 Removal of Lead using Saponified Melon Peel Gel 2.2.11 Lead Removal from Tap water using POU devices 2.2.12 Use of Magneticenergy of pyrolysis cane bio-chars for removal of Pb 2.2.13 Study of liquid barrier membrane for Removal of Pb 2.2.14 Study on Removal of Lead using Oxidized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes 2.2.15 Removal of Lead using Saudi Arabian clay 2.2.16 A Study on bigger-pore Diameter Nano Adsorbent for Detection of lead and Removal from Waste water 3.0 Inferences and Critical Opinion for Removal of Lead 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 References Report on Remediation Methods for Lead 1 Introduction Contamination of water with harmful elements is a major issue all over the world. Lead(Pb) the injuriouselement in waste or tap water which contaminates our water supply. The studies carried out in developed countries have reported different adverse symptoms in the discharge sites which includes brain disorder, risk of infertility, birth defects and skin disordersCITATION alD09 \l 1033 (Mathilde Cabral Aminata Toure, 2015) . It is poisonous in nature to biological life specially humans and animals, damages nervous system and major cause of brain disorders. It is neurotoxic and starts accumulating in blood and bones of human body CITATION Dal00 \l 1033 ( Daland R Juberg,, 2000). The chemistry of lead is similar to barium in the body specially accumulation property especially it is accumulated in the bones. CITATION Geo10 \l 1033 (Geological Survey (U.S.), 2010). The effects of lead on fetal are also well known. Since most fetal growth occurs during 90 days period. Studies showed th at increase in lead in the blood is associated with the lead contaminated water intakeCITATION GNg14 \t \l 1033 (G. Ngueta M. PrÃÆ' ©vost, 2014). According to regulations set by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the threshold for lead in drinking water is 0.015ppm (or 15 ppb). Lead contamination can also occur through air borne dust. Researchers found that daily exposure of children to Lead (Pb) through house dust was estimated to be 100  mg/day CITATION Kum14 \l 1033 ( Kumiko Yamasaki, et al., 2014). Lead is a toxic metal and can be removed by various different methods. This study is based on the effects of lead and removal methods. 1 Sources of Lead Lead is present everywhere around in the environment. It is present in the form of dust, in metal containers which are lead welded and from natural sources during underground travel of water CITATION YNo01 \l 1033 (Nozaki, 2001). Lead in drinking water comes from corrosion of pipes, solder and alloys of lead plumbing. Lead alloys specially brass and bronze are major sources of lead in water. Leaching of lead in water depends on the quality of water. The pure or distilled water can dissolve lead more easily as compared to tap water CITATION Amy82 \l 1033 (Amy No Clair C. Patterson, November 1982). Therefore the risk involved in the contamination of water with lead is more after the treated water enters the house hold water supply. Studies shows thatPb concentrations ranged from 1 to 52 mg/L, with a mean of 11 mg/L in in the samples taken from the taps CITATION ClÃÆ' ©12 \l 1033 (ClÃÆ' ©ment Cartier Shokoufeh Nour, 15 October 2012). Similarly there is effect of temperature of e nvironment of the concentration of lead in water. During high temperatures more lead is suspected to be leached into the water as compared to low temperature in winter seasonsCITATION GNg141 \t \l 1033 (G. Ngueta M. PrÃÆ' ©vost, December 2014). The areas in vicinity of lead acid batteries are more prone to exposure of lead and the lead levels in blood studied in different research showed the increased values CITATION Cao15 \l 1033 (Suzhen Duan, 2015). 1.2 Environmental and Health impacts of Lead Lead is one of the toxic chemicals to the human, animal and marine life. Lead proliferate in the hard tissues of human bodye.g. bones teeth etc. Studies have shown that the lead accumulation in the bones increases with the age CITATION KBE92 \l 1033 (K. BERCOVITZ D. LAUFER, 1992). In addition to mammals the deposition of lead was found in crops as well. Reports shows that plants have absorbed lead from underground water source and deposited it in seeds particularly those plants whose seed comes in consumption of humans are dangerous for health CITATION Eri15 \l 1033 (Erik Smolders Koen Oorts, 2015). Exposure of lead is usually from oral and respiratory routes. It was found that 10% of oral lead intake is stored in stomach in addition to deposition in bones CITATION Kaa15 \l 1033 (Kaare Lund Rasmussen Lilian Skytte, 2015). Children are more prone to the adverse effects of lead in their body and can absorb 50% of lead through oral intake. CITATION Mat15 \l 1033 (Sakthivel, 2015). The grown up human being may contain lead in the bones if was exposed to lead contaminated water in past. This deposition of lead in bone can also mobilize during pregnancy periods CITATION Kaa15 \l 1033 (Kaare Lund Rasmussen Lilian Skytte, 2015). Lead deposited in blood can retain in it for a month during this period it is filtered through kidneys at a very low rate. Blood level exceeding than 5 µg/dL poses health risk and medical attention is advised at level above 45 µg/dL for adults CITATION Jin15 \l 1033 (Jin-Ha Yoon Yeon-Soon Ahn, 2015). Safe level of lead in the living person depends on age. Children should be cared when level rises above 45 µg/dL. Higher level of lead can cause severe changes in brain functions leading to coma and death (NH Department of Environmental Sciences). Long term exposure to lead can cause joint pain, metallic taste, muscle pains, wrist drop and foot drop like symptoms CITATION Jin15 \l 1033 (Jin-Ha Yoon Yeon-Soon Ahn, 2015). Reproductive and development effects caused by lead are well known. Lead can easily travel through placenta and reach fetus where it can cause miscarriage, still birth and abortion CITATION Xij15 \l 1033 (Xijin Xu Xiaojuan Chen, 2015). It was found that lead has adverse effect on growth of fetus. Weight of fetus is also affected by presence of lead. During the latter stages this lead can affect the mental abilities and intelligence in the new born baby CITATION Jac14 \l 1033 (Jack Caravanos Russell Dowling, 2014). The effects are long lasting and come into notice after several years of birth. "I have therefore selected Lead(Pb) as the pollutant, to be treated/removed from water, in view of its environmental and healthimpacts on human lives, as described above.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  2 Removal of Lead from water Lead can be removed from water by implying different chemical and physical methods. Chemical methods usually imply some sort of reaction with the lead to make it insoluble in water CITATION Nih04 \l 1033 (Nihal Bekta ¸s Serdar Kara, 2004). Physical methods utilize the techniques of removing lead by filtering out the element using semi permeable membrane like Reverse Osmosis. Advance research on some other methods like adsorption on selective adsorbents is also in progress and will be discussed in detail. 2.1 Conventional Method of Lead Removal Conventional method if used for removal of lead can be useful to an extent and are unable to remove lead completely from water. Few of them as discussed below 2.1.1 Ion-Exchange for Lead Removal Lead is present in the form of Pb+2 in water CITATION Kun15 \l 1033 (Kunashegaran Hamsawahini, 2015).Lead is made to react with chloride ions to form lead chloride which is water insoluble and can be further removed by simple sand filtration method. Lead removal by this method depends on few factors like interaction of lead ions in ion-exchanger unit, functional groups, temperature and cross linking. If complexes in the solution form it will further complicate the ion exchange process CITATION Zbi12 \l 1033 (Zbigniew Hubicki and Dorota KoÅ‚odyÅ„ska , 2012). Limitation of ion exchange method involves the slow kinetics which is the result of poor wetting ability and exposed surface area of aqueous solutions. This results in loss of anions which are responsible for removal of lead. Inter-polymerization technique can be used for improvement in ion exchange CITATION Ryo15 \l 1033 (Ryoko M. Uda, 2015). 2.1.2 Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis system utilizes a semipermeable mem...